Web Hosting for Kent Businesses
Web Hosting for kent Businesses

Web Hosting

One of the most important aspects of the internet is being found. You'll hear lots about optimising your site for the search engines and making sure you have great content but you'll rarely hear about the importance of reliable web hosting.

No matter how good your site is, if your hosting is more often 'off-line' than 'on' then you run the risk of losing potential visitors / customers and in some instances you may even be 'de-indexed' by the search engines.

If you are investing in a new website, or building a business make sure you don't compromise on hosting. We don't.

Have you ever thought behind the reasons why some hosting is so cheap? You need to be careful as more often than not, something has been compromised in order to give you a cheaper price!

Web Dandy deliver value for money. We are the first to admit we are not the cheapest however we are also not expensive for what you get!

Why Web Dandy Web Hosting?

  • Tell us your requirements and we will make sure that you get the right hosting package to suit your online needs.
  • Our advanced security measures help protect your website and email accounts from unwanted disruptions and hacking. We strive to keep intruders out of our network.
  • We are focused on making sure your hosting is running at peak performance.
  • All of our hosting solutions provide PHP, Perl scripting and optional MySQL database support.
  • All hosting packages come with email accounts (which we will help you setup).
  • Customer support is one of our highest priorities. We manage all of our customers hosting accounts so you don't have to worry about hosting issues. We're happy to answer any hosting questions you might have.
  • What's more, existing customers are treated with as much urgency as prospective customers.

Affordable and Reliable

We can confidently offer you the best available hosting on the internet. We do this by using just two hosting companies who manage our dedicated servers. Both companies have a proven track record of offering the best connectivity and uptime. We know this through extensive testing - and we host our own sites on the same servers.

If you already have a site but are experiencing problems with your current web host we can arrange to move your domain and set up a new hosting account for you.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

We use Starfield Technologies for all SSL certificates. Starfield Technologies has been a Certificate Authority since 2004 and there are over 1 million active Starfield Technologies SSLs in use around the world. To contnue as Certificate Authority they have to uccessfully complete 3 annual WebTrust audits of their SSL Certificates. They are members of Microsoft, Mozilla, Apple, Google and Oracle's root programs, among others.

You can choose to have your site on a dedicated server or we can provide managed hosting for you with space on one of our own servers.

Contact us today to discuss your hosting requirements.