3D Brochures Online
3D Brochures Online

3D Page Turning / Page Flipping Brochures

Turn your PDF into an online page turning / page flipping 3D brochure or magazine. Each item is ready for desktop, tablet and mobile devices (and save some trees).

A Must Have In Any Marketing Campaign

Discover an innovative way of publishing your magazine on the Internet. Bring your magazine, catalogue or brochure etc. into the digital world by converting your PDF to a 3D page turning brochure. The brochures produced by our latest brochure software are responsive.

At the same time reduce your print, postage and distribution costs, increase sales and market penetration, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Once converted your 3D page turning brochure is yours to take away, put on your website or distribute via USB stick or CD i.e. there are no annual fees, no licence or yearly maintenance fees — you simply pay a one off fee.

Take a look at some examples:

What To Do Next

Simply send us your document in PDF format and we will turn it into a 3D page turning online magazine.

You can then host your publication on your own server. You can also distribute your publication on a CD or via other media.


What benefits does your website get from having an online brochure?

  • Innovative way of publishing your magazine on the Internet.
  • Readers get the feeling of reading a "real" publication while enjoying the search functions of the web.
  • Add search engine optimised content to your website.
  • Links created in the PDF file are also converted, and you can also edit and create new links in the publication.
  • You can host or we can host (for a small fee).
  • One off payment.
  • Our brochures as responsive too so they can be viewed on desktop, tablet and mobile (android and iPhones)!

Page Turning Controls

  • ENABLE FULL SCREEN - enlarge the brochure to full screen.
  • HELP - menu giving help tips and keyboard shortcuts.
  • SEARCH - search the publication for keywords and keyword phrases.
  • THUMBNAILS - see a thumbnail of all the brochure pages.
  • BOOKMARK - mark a page with a comment for later.
  • SOUND - page turning sound ON/OFF.
  • SHARE - share the publication with your colleagues and friends by filling out a simple online form (email address(es), your name and message).
  • SOCIAL SHARE - share via social media.
  • ZOOM - close up of page.
  • AUTOFLIP - make the pages autoflip ON/OFF.
  • PAGES - pages can be turned via using a mouse or keyboard e.g. click the corner of a page, use the left and right arrows on the keyboard, use the page control arrows at the bottom of the screen or type in a page number and press return.

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