Site Support
Site Support

Web & Remote Support

You may not have the resources available to do your own site maintenance or you may just want someone else to update your site. That's why we offer several options to maintain and support your website as well as remote support.

Our maintenance and support plans cover everything from regular updating of site content to file backups and problem solving. Or you may simply need help setting up your email accounts in Outlook (via "remote support").

Web Dandy (Remote Support)

We can provide support remotely. We will contact you via the telephone and send you a link to establish a remote access session. You will be asked to download and run a file to grant us remote access to your computer. The file is automatically deleted when your session ends.

Web Support

For whenever you need help you can choose between either purchasing support time "as you go" or investing in a support plan with a set number of support hours per month.

Hourly Rates:

Rates without a service plan: £60/hr. There is a minimum charge of £45.

Level 1 Support Plan:

  • 1 hour per month.
  • 2 business days response time*.
  • £600 annually (£50/hr).

Level 2 Support Plan:

  • 2 hours per month.
  • 1 business day response time*.
  • £960 annually (£40/hr).

Level 3 Support Plan:

  • 5 hours per month.
  • 4 business hours response time*.
  • £1,800 annually (£30/hr).

* Response Time

Response time is prioritised based on your Support Plan. However, we always strive to exceed expectations and provide a faster response time than stated.

Obtaining Support

Please call us on 01843 582503 (during hours). Call or send a text to 07792 641180 (out of hours). Email us at