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As far back as 2012 comScore reported that 82% of mobile media time on smartphones was via apps!

What is a Mobile App?

There are various types of mobile apps. Native, web and hybrid. The apps we build are native. A native application is a downloadable app which is installed and run directly from a phone, written specifically for the mobile device's operating system (iOS, Android) and in its own specific coding language (Objective-C, Java).

Many people think an app is simply a website which can be reached via a mobile shortcut/app icon. However a true mobile app gives you additional functionality that isn't available via a website. In the past cost was a limiting factor as apps could cost thousands of pounds (£5,000+). Today apps can be built for SMEs at a cost they can afford.

So What Can an App Do For Your Business?

Many businesses are using apps to interact more directly with their customers through push messaging, geofencing, loyalty schemes, online booking and social media sharing.


Listed below are some of the apps available functionality:

Direct marketing with push messaging.

Push messaging allows you to deliver messages to the user's home screen even while they are using a different app. Push messaging grabs a user's attention prompting immediate interaction and engaging users not currently active in your app. You can send out special offer information e.g. let users know when you are having a sale or have a new service or product you want to promote etc. The sky's the limit especially as push messages are free and unlimited!


Allows you to send messages to anyone with your app when they enter a defined geographic area, allowing you to send promotions to customers' smartphones when they enter a store or neighbourhood. By sending a targeted offer to a customer, you may even be able to steer them away from competitors!

Online table booking.

Allow table reservations with our in-built restaurant booking system. Continue to use your existing restaurant booking system or use our advanced in-built system. Existing online booking can be integrated within your app giving customers instant access to book tables. Confirmation push messages and emails remind customers of upcoming reservations. Our API connects with third party restaurant online booking providers allowing for real time availability and confirmation.

Online appointments and services booking.

Make it easy for customers to request appointments. Continue with your existing online booking system or use our in-built app feature. If you currently have online scheduling we can incorporate it into your app giving customers a quick and convenient way to book appointments. You can send automated push message appointment reminders for free and ensure clients never forget an appointment. Connect our API with third party scheduling software for real time availability and appointment confirmation.

Menus / simple online food ordering.

Save on commissions, reduce competition and make food delivery easy. If you are using a third party ordering provider you can reduce your order commissions with your own branded app. Your app allows you to show your full takeaway menu and price list. Orders can be placed easily and free push messages and email confirmations are sent to customers with estimated delivery times.

Loyalty program.

Reward customers for their loyalty. Utilise your apps powerful loyalty program to incentivise repeat purchases and increase client retention. Check in via a QR code (supplied). Take up and how your loyalty program is performing can be tracked.


Display images via the in-built photo gallery. Great for photographers or for displaying products and menus.

Social media/email sharing incentivisation.

Encourage and incentivise customers for recommendations on Facebook or Twitter. Your app will become key to your social media marketing strategy. With one click customers can recommend you to their friends on social media, increasing likes, followers and business.

General info.

Display your address (with driving directions), opening hours, tel, email, website, social media links so all your contact details can be found in one place.

App Management

Your app comes with a powerful client management area which allows you to fully manage and track your app usage. You are in full control of your app and can edit, update and change your app listings and campaigns as required. Statistics are updated daily to allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can view app downloads, referrals, daily app opens and much more.

Once you app is built we will upload it to Google Play (Android) and the Apple app store (iPhone) for your customers to download.

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