Custom QR Codes
Custom QR Codes

Custom QR Codes

QR codes (abbreviated from Quick Response codes) are a type of two-dimensional bar code.

The information encoded can be made up of any kind of data (e.g., binary, alphanumeric, or Kanji symbols) and utilised to quickly and efficiently impart a range of information, everything from web addresses, contact information, .

Normally  QR codes consist of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background and look fairly boring, BUT they needn't be. They can be customised with colour, shapes, background patterns and branded. We can incorporate your logo, a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Google Places, Pinterest or Youtube icon and point the QR code to either your website, mobile website, social media pages, email address, telephone number, vcard or location.

The possibilities are endless...

Web Dandy QR Code

Below is an example of a Web Dandy QR code which will take you to our Mobile Phone Apps page.

From . . .

Standard QR code

to . . .

Custom QR code  Custom QR Code

Client QR Code

QR code for the Samaritans "Make a Donation" page on the Virgin Money Giving website (prepared for the Ashford branch of the Samaritans for a fund raising campaign).

From . . .

Standard QR code

to . . .

Custom Samaritans QR Code

Customised QR codes enable you to stand out from the crowd.

What Can I Use A Custom QR Code For?

QR codes are great marketing tools. Below are a few ideas on how you could use a custom QR code to market your business.

  1. Website: Direct customers to your website.
  2. Business Card: Why not add a QR code to your business card with your website address, social media pages or contact information?
  3. Emails / Newsletters: Add your QR code to your email signature or in your email newsletter (for mobile readers remember to also have a link to any information your QR code supplies).
  4. Promotion: You can use QR codes with a link to the relevant web page on your site to run a promotion or contest or to highlight a new service you are offering.
  5. Social Media: Use your QR code to direct customers to your social media pages e.g. facebook, twitter, Google +, LinkedIn etc.
  6. Newspaper Advertisements: Make your newspaper advertisement stand out by placing a QR code in your copy. QR codes are more convenient for readers as they can scan the QR code and store your details rather than having to save the ad for later.
  7. At a Conference or Exhibition: Put a QR code on your name tag and people can scan it instead of taking a business card.
  8. Pull Up Banners and Exhibition Stands: This allows people passing your stand to scan your information. This can prove especially helpful if they are already overloaded with paper advertising.

In all cases above remember to make the QR code big enough and at a height that it's easily scanned.

The potential application of QR codes is endless - just use your imagination!

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