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New Mobile Site?

Test It

The use of mobiles to access the web is continuing to grow. More people now access the web on a mobile device than a desktop or laptop.

The continuing rise in mobile web surfers means making a mobile version of your site should be a priority.

There are various mobile phone emulators that can be used to "test" your mobile site (if you don't have access to a range of mobile phones e.g. Android, iPhone, Blackberry etc).

Google have a "Mobile Friendly" test tool which allows you to see how your current site looks on a smartphone. Visit the page and enter your website's URL, then click "Analyze".

Once testing is complete you are shown a graphic depicting the mobile version (how Googlebot sees the page) of your website and whether the URL tested is "Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly." or "Not mobile-friendly".

What Then?

If your site isn't mobile friendly you should look at how it can be improved. If you only have a desktop site then you should invest in a mobile version.

If your site is mobile friendly you shouldn't stop there — the next step is to continue testing your site to make improvements to speed through page load time, image optimisation, progressive JPGs, compression of JS and CSS and browser caching of static assets. Google provides a set of developer tools for this purpose.