Accessibility Site Audit
Accessibility Site Audit

Accessibility Site Audit

The deadline for website accessibility came into force in October 1999 when Part III of the Code of Practice - Access to Goods and Services became part of UK law. After this date any web site that fails to conform to Disability Accessibility Standards can be pursued legally for discrimination.

By not having a compliant website, not only is there the potential of losing out on revenue from potential clients and customers. At least 10% of the population in most countries have disabilities. According to the Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, individuals with disabilities have a combined income of nearly £400 billion. Of that figure, £100 billion is discretionary income. There is the possibility of legal action from disabled website users or organisations that protect the rights of disabled people.

A website audit is a process that we carry out to check your website meets accessibility standards and is compliant.

This is done using the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the World Wide Web Consortium" (W3C) accessibility guidelines.

The W3C offers three different levels of compliance. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) priority 1, conformance level 'A' (which must be satisfied according to the W3C). WCAG priority 2, conformance level 'Double-A' (which should be satisfied and is the EU recommended level of compliance) and priority 3 if a website needs to meet 'Triple-A' conformance level.

The process is undertaken in 3 steps:

  1. We assess your website using automated tools, such as the W3C validators, which give us the details on the general areas that need to be looked at.
  2. Following that, we review the web site manually, with reference to the automated report, compatibility with graphic and text browsers and source code examination. These manual examinations, viewed from the perspective of disabled users, allow us to verify that the site is designed according to acceptable standards for accessible web design.
  3. We quality control the audit and ensure that only the specific areas that need changing are highlighted, and then create a clear and actionable report with analysis of the changes that need to be made for the web site to be compliant.

Audit Costs

Costs vary depending on which tests you require and how many pages are to be tested, usually your most important or most commonly visited pages. The more pages you have tested the price per page reduces. The cost may be more for very large or complex sites; if this is the case then you will be informed before we begin work.

How Can I Remedy any Issues Identified During the Audit?

We will carry the audit within two weeks and present you with a clear, actionable report outlining the areas that need to be changed on your web site (if any). You can then either act upon the conclusions internally, or if you need help, we would be very happy to make those changes for you (costs will be advised). If you come to us to make any alterations, we will then carry out a final audit after our work has been completed at no cost to you, demonstrating our commitment to making your web site accessible to all.

How do I Get Started?

Just contact us with the details of your web site and we will get your audit underway.

Web Dandy have the experience and know-how to build you an accessible, standards compliant website. Call us today and start your website the right way!